Have you come here to play Jesus to the lepers in your head?

A question about evangelism

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I was doing some reading and writing down a few thoughts today when I stumbled upon this memory…

A church I had visited one morning was starting up a faith promise initiative in the effort of raising money for an addition to their building.  I sat in the back and listened patiently to cliché after cliché about how giving equals reward.  I heard the storehouse passage, and even an extended illustration about a man who goes to heaven and meets all the people that would not have been there were it not for his gift.  And I kid you not, the speaker actually ended with the words, “wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone approached you in heaven and told you ‘Thank you for giving to the Lord.’”

I tried my best not to laugh.  And I thought that it’d be a real shame if they played that old familiar Ray Boltz song as they passed the plate. 

They did.

And I left that afternoon feeling insulted—the victim of a poorly disguised ploy that prompted more laughter than good will.  So…is this how those whom we commonly refer to as “unbelievers” feel when we “evangelize?”


Written by taj

May 24, 2006 at 3:04 am

Posted in Evangelism

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  1. Ah, yes. The old, “God can’t do anything unless you send me $9.95 ploy.”

    I think it comes from people who forget that we are simply tools that God uses. We are not necessary to His plan. We are blessed that God chooses to use us, but as Balaam’s donkey pointed out, God could use “stupid” creatures to get His point across if He wants.

    I think it’s a subtle hypocrisy. We “bless” God by giving Him what He’s given us, and in the process we change it from a statment of “it’s really God’s in the first place and He’s only letting us use it” to a statement of “God needs our money.” Thus, we do a righteous thing (tithing, for example) and it’s morphed into an evil intent (lording it over God).

    Anyway, good points you brought up!


    May 24, 2006 at 4:09 am

  2. Very intriquing. I couldn’t agree more on the money issue. I think we try to guilt people into giving more than we ever should. Tithing is an act of worship before God.

    As far as evangelism, I think there are definitely times that we guilt or shame people into believing, when in fact the best form of evangelism is our own Christian walk.


    May 24, 2006 at 7:32 am

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