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A word on the masthead

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I’ve received some hits recently from people searching for the meaning of “quadrivium,” and after two years of blogging, it occurs to me that I should write a little about the name and why I chose it over something else. 

Put simply, quadrivium is Latin for “the four ways.”  At the time I chose it, I was unaware of the word’s connotations, and Wikipedia has an insightful entry on the matter.  In short, the quadrivium makes up the last four of the seven liberal arts, namely arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy. 

Originally, I had intended to use the word “crossroads” somewhere in the title, mainly because I felt drawn to Jeremiah 6:16 as a kind of theme.  The word, however, was already in use elsewhere, so I looked up the Latin equivalent.  I am no musician.  My grasp of arithmetic and geometry is uninspiring, and my talents in astronomy only reach as far as my telescope. 

So the relevance of the name is rather relative, I guess, but there’s the scoop in case you’re curious.  This is my own virtual crossroads—my tiny attempt to “separate the stuff from the stuff,” as Aaron Sorkin once wrote.  So welcome to my world.    


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August 8, 2006 at 2:50 pm

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