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Movie Small Group Project – part 3

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In addition to the six films previously listed, I’ve added two more, both of which have been gnawing away at me since I decided to try and put this project together…


The Incredibles 

Signs is the least solid of the two—its placement only came after I read a short blurb comparing the themes of the movie to the story of Job.  I haven’t spent enough time with this one to discern if it really captures the paradox of suffering in relation to the love and grace of God.  Many of the story’s terrible events serve the resolution.  I suppose this could illustrate the purpose of suffering, but I don’t think it worked out quite this way for Job.  So this is a tentative addition. 

The Incredibles finds a place more out of instinct.  I’ve tried to articulate what I love about this movie and usually end up succeeding more in frustrating myself.  The story touches on themes of purpose, as well as the problem of, as CalvinDude put it, “exceptionalism” as opposed to striving for the lowest common denominator. 

The struggle I face at this point is where to draw the line.  Some of the films I’d love to discuss in a small group setting automatically find themselves on a sort of blacklist simply because of their content.  My selections are tame compared to others out there that offer spiritual introspection—The Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club. 

Surrender to a movie (or any work of art), coupled with discernment that is, at the same time, aware of what’s put on screen, helps us to look beyond initial provocations.  Christian audiences hear Harry Potter and immediately cry witchcraft.  Meanwhile, those of us who’ve read the books and fallen in love with them have learned to take a closer look.  The challenge lies in finding the right chord—a secret chord—that when played will please the Lord. 


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