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The Curse of the Special Edition

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I remember when “Special Edition” used to mean something.  Now it’s a generic term attached to any film with a special feature, and it’s led to a whole new era of consumer exploitation.  Behold now the Limited Edition. 

Just in time for Christmas, the “Limited Editions” of both The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars trilogies will be released on DVD.  

No, the filmmakers are not dragging out yet another version of their lauded masterpieces.  There are no extended / deleted scenes.  There is, in fact, nothing different about these films; they are the very same movies you already have on DVD.  One small exception, however, is that George Lucas will finally release the original unadulterated versions of the Star Wars Trilogy, but there is a catch.  You’re forced to buy the Special Editions too. 

Apparently they’ve attached new “extras” to spice up the package, which will attract those who might have missed these movies.  Believe it or not, it does happen.   I was walking through Sam’s Club last week and actually overheard a conversation in which one gentleman confessed to having never seen The Lord of the Rings. 

Just not worth it.  But that’s me. 


Written by taj

September 1, 2006 at 3:03 pm

Posted in Movies

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