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Thoughts on Last Night’s Studio 60…

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Last night could be called “the show that could’ve been.”  We could assemble quite the little list were we to take a look at the last ten years and highlight the shows that had potential and immediately jumped the shark. 

So much of the show is classic Sorkin.  He pokes fun at bloggers and touches on the usual liberal talking points.  He makes fun of people who believe in the rapture, but manages to make some decent observations about the character of Jesus Christ that too many tend to ignore, like His sense of humor.  

One of the more interesting elements had to do with Matthew Perry’s character—the show’s head writer who many receive as Sorkin’s representation of himself.  During a meeting with the staff writers, Perry’s character (Matt Albie) goes around the room asking for ideas, all of which have to do with parodying Bush administration policy.  Albie appears frustrated, tired of spinning yarn from the same old spools, and shoots off on a rant about…workplace dress? 

I’m not sure where this is going.  It has all the set ups of something that could be magic, but Sorkin will have to distance himself from some of his overused colloquialisms that have followed him around since Sports Night if he ever hopes hit this one out of the park.  I keep waiting for this to jump to warp speed, but so far we’re still cruising at impulse. 


Written by taj

September 26, 2006 at 1:10 am

Posted in Television, Writing

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  1. May not be at warp, but impulse ain’t half bad. (I mean it got the Enterprise out of Earth’s graviational pull.)


    September 26, 2006 at 4:13 pm

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