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A Short Confession of a TV Addict

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Hi.  My name is Travis.  And I am a TV addict.  It’s true.  Because for the last seven days, I have sworn that I would not spend my Thursday night watching another episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  Well, guess what I did tonight. 

I’m not sure when the change took place.  Last year the only things I watched were Lost and Invasion.  This year, there’s Lost, Jericho, Heroes and of course Studio 60 taking up my evenings.  What can I say; I like my weird science fiction serialized and my comedy smart and fast.  But Grey’s Anatomy.  Ugh. 

It has to be one of the most sexually dysfunctional shows—the interconnecting knot of pillow-talk would make a longshoreman proud.  But (ah, yeah, you saw it coming), with a pregnant wife who needs her shoulders rubbed, you’re at the mercy of her desires.  And, for some reason, she likes this show. 

This week’s story at least offered one compelling character, played by little Abigail Breslin.  She was the girl that had the thing with the water in Signs.  She got to play a superhero.  Really, she was a little girl with an extremely high pain tolerance.  It made for some cute moments. 

I’m a little high on caffeine at the moment.  Gotta go grade papers, and the stack is fairly high.  But I wanted to take a moment and write while the words were fresh and it didn’t take so much effort to put them down.  Even if it means telling a story that has no real moral or meaning.  Right now, I’ll take any practice I can get.  Good night.   


Written by taj

October 5, 2006 at 9:23 pm

Posted in Television, Writing

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  1. Dude, you need to watch some REAL TV.

    You know…THE AVS.

    Otherwise, it’s time to cross-check ya into the cubicle wall, baby!!!!


    October 6, 2006 at 10:37 am

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