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Closing out 2006

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Sitting down to reflect on the previous year always comes as an exercise in frustration for me every January 1st. I can never seem to remember every significant thing that happened over the year, and my ideas of significance may differ from yours, which makes writing about it a chore if I want to make it interesting. So instead, I’m only going to focus on the last few months. This will make it easier for me to reflect, and hopefully more enjoyable for you, should you decide to read what I have to say.

Still with me?

2006 brought a few milestones to the family, not the least of which was the anticipation of a new baby. After three weeks of wondering, we finally confirmed my wife’s pregnancy on September 11th. Since that time, the universe has undergone some changes.

I’ve become wrapped up in all kinds of questions; facing all kinds of fears. I’m certain this is common for men when they’re about to become a dad. However, being men and all, we’re not so apt to talk about it, so I’ve rarely even brought it up except to my wife. I wonder if my children will like me when they’re my age. At what age will their first questions of sex first appear at the dinner table? I have scads more, trust me.

I think of the godly men I know and of their sons and daughters. Scripture tells us that, should we train our children in the way to go, they’ll keep to the path. I can think of some families where that isn’t the case. Children develop a mind of their own so fast. My wife teaches grade school, and I wonder sometimes if the stories she tells me of the kids in her class may one day be the stories of mine. I already love this little one, and I don’t even know the proper pronoun.

I look forward to reading to them before bed. Introducing them to the Pokey Little Puppy. Bob and Larry. When they’re a little bit older, Luke Skywalker, and eventually, Harry Potter. And I certainly won’t forget Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Which.

I look forward to teaching them basketball, baseball, and what little I know of football. (CalvinDude, if he wishes, may teach them hockey).

Their first meteor shower.

First day of school.

First love.

First car.

God, help me.

Yet, in all this, there is that overriding uncertainty which encourages us to keep our hearts here in the present where they can do the most good. All these tomorrows may not ever see a sunrise. Sitting here, early this morning, I think I’m all right with that. More than anything, I want to take a walk down this path, and journey with my new child (children?) for as long as God allows.

Well, I’ve rambled on enough. I had planned to tell about some other significant events of the last few months, but they’ll have to wait for later posts. For now, enjoy your new year. God bless you all in the name of His son, Jesus the Christ.


Written by taj

January 1, 2007 at 2:49 am

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