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Freeway Hypnosis

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They say that one of the more common causes of traffic accidents on the freeway is hypnosis – the hum of the wheels across the pavement lull your mind to sleep, and you just don’t see that curve ahead of you.  Or the tree. 
I like to drive with the radio off every now and then, and when I do, I usually get at least one good idea for a story out of freeway hypnosis.  I got one yesterday, as a matter of fact.  And as I was writing it out today, I started thinking about just how bad first drafts really are.  So I had an idea…
I don’t plan on publishing this story just yet – it’s one of those I’m writing in order to get some closure over something that happened a few years ago.  But I thought about posting at least a portion of it here to ye olde blog, and doing a series of posts following the development of a story from first draft to final. 

Now, this assumes that the story I’m writing is any good.  I like to think I’m an impartial judge, but then again, this is still my stuff and there’s an inherent attachment to consider.  It’s like asking parents to decide which kid they love more.  So once I pass the initial drafts around and get some feed back, I’ll revisit this and let you know. 


Written by taj

January 29, 2007 at 10:59 pm

Posted in stories, Writing

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