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So long, Cinescape

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I discovered Cinescape Magazine in high school.  While it never garnered the kind of reputation Entertainment Weekly doesn’t deserve enjoys, I found it suitable for my needs.  In fact, the first acceptance letter I ever received came from them—I had written a small review of The Phantom Menace, and they planned to post it as a letter to the editor. 

It never ran. 

But I forgave them for that.  I was nineteen and I am sure that if I were to read it now, I’d reject it too. 

Over time, the need to purchase gas for my car trumped the need for the magazine, but I kept up to speed on their website, which remained a favorite of mine until recently. 

Close to a year ago, Cinescape Online became Mania. It appears yet another owner has assumed creative control, and the site has since devolved into a mess of fanboy editorial and shallow nonsense. 

As a movie lover engaged in the never-ending search for movie news, there are some sources you come to count on, some opinions you tend to respect, and a thoughtfulness you wish to emulate in your own writing.   Mania lacks each of these.  And, since I quit reading a long time ago, I do not want the link cluttering up space on my sidebar. 


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March 12, 2007 at 4:28 pm

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