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These are the Days of Our…Lost

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In and around the viewing area of our local ABC affiliate, much of last night’s Lost was preempted to cover a thunderstorm that wrecked much of Colorado’s eastern portions.  Therefore, I only caught maybe 20 minutes of the 41 minutes that typically make up an episode. 

I’ll try to watch the whole thing online tonight.  However, I did get the gist, and…well, it’d take to long to ‘splain, so le’ me sum up. 

If anything characterizes this third season, it would have to be the soap operatic tone that began somewhere around the moment we saw Jack in Thailand.  I usually hate to compare something to soap—it just seems like a juvenile and lazy way to express disdain because, admit it, what serialized drama doesn’t follow the same paradigm.  What separates soap is melodrama.  And so far, Lost hasn’t breached that particular plane, but it has stepped awfully close. 

Last night, the show (what I saw of it, anyway) felt like it tumbled into that device we like to criticize about the original Star Trek.  Expendable crewmen just do not make for good television. 

Anyway, I may change my mind after I watch the whole thing.  Even with the current lull in overall umph, Lost still rises above the current crop of primetime television. 

With the exception of maybe Heroes.  But we’ll have to hash that out another day. 


Written by taj

March 29, 2007 at 3:56 pm

Posted in stories, Television, Writing

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