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Ready to Sail the Dawn Treader

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I read yesterday that director Michael Apted will take the helm for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader once Prince Caspian wraps production.  Apted earned his salt as a solid character director long before the Christian community swooned over his work on Amazing Grace.  He’ll steer the ship well. 

Dawn Treader reads more episodic than the other novels of the series.  The only real goal for our heroes is to sail to the End of the World, which the uninitiated might think is a riff on the third Pirates film.  By itself, the premise seems a little wooden, but Lewis’s narrative adds plenty of color to render an epic journey. 

He leaves so much open to the imagination, however, that I just hope the writers don’t muck up the adaptation.  The technique works terrifically for a book, which of course was the idea.  I do not imagine Jack would have enjoyed seeing his stories put to film.  As much as I enjoyed The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, there were a few places where they just didn’t nail it as well as I would have liked.  But that’s me, and I could be wrong—pick your cliché.  Jack might have loved the movie.  Douglas Gresham’s involvement certainly helps to ensure the integrity of the vision. 

Here’s to a successful voyage.  The Dawn Treader sets out May, 2009. 


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April 19, 2007 at 3:56 pm

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