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Another One Rides the Bus

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Someone tells me at least three times a week that my life will change when my baby is born.  It’s only Monday and I’ve already heard it once.  But my lovely wife and I are taking whatever proactive measures we can, one of which entails me riding the bus to work.  We only have one car, see, and she’ll need it to cart the little guy around once she returns to school in the fall.

What I know of public transit comes mostly from Hollywood—the crowded hordes of business men standing in the isle, clinging to little ropes hanging from above, and whatnot.  And while I know a Los Angeles city bus would never make a fifty foot jump over a gap in a freeway overpass, it’s still fun to watch on screen. 

I stepped on board, and thankfully, I was not greeted by the stench of the cleaner they must use to scour public school buses.  The seats on public transit, I discovered, may still cause the caboose some discomfort, but at least they’re upholstered. 

The small crowd I encountered this morning seemed well acquainted with each other.  I actually felt a little out of place.  Most of them knew each other by name.  I don’t why that surprised me—you don’t think of finding community on a bus when you’re not usually the one to hitch a ride.  This crowd did quite well together.  I sometimes wish I could find such fluid chemistry in church. 

I know this isn’t a problem with all churches.  Many churches have community nailed down to a science.  They recognize that building relationships and earning the right to be heard does not entail leading a person to the altar as quickly as possible.  I’m happy to finally be a part of a church that is starting to take that particular ride.   And some of us feel out of place, but we’ll get over it.  Those riding the bus can be my teachers for a while, I really don’t mind. 

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April 23, 2007 at 4:54 pm