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A Post 5/11 World…

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My little boy became two weeks old yesterday.  I’m told that the heart’s need to create landmarks begins to lessen as time passes, but I hope it doesn’t lessen too much. 

The days prior to 5/11/07 seem ancient to me right now.  I’m slowly starting to key back in to the world at large.  I actually had to be reminded that Star Wars turned 30 yesterday. 

Mother and baby are doing great.  We have every indication that we have a strong, healthy little boy on our hands.  I am not so adept at thinking of his future days just yet.  When I do I find I am too overwhelmed.  So we take it day by day, for now. 

I hope to return to writing again soon.  For now, however, the little one requires great attention.  I have driven through these last two weeks on the seat of my pants, really, and I am still unsure what form all of this—going back to work, writing, and that little part about being a father and all that—will take in the coming weeks and months. 

Will return shortly.  Promise. 


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May 26, 2007 at 6:22 pm