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Disney Folk – After the Fame

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A large aspect of my job involves sending regular email reports.  For no other reason than to break the monotony, I sent along with it a short poem I just made up on the spot one day.  The recipients liked it, so I sent another one the next week.  Soon, I started writing one up every morning. 
At the behest of those who get to read these things, I am sharing them with a larger audience.  Please, do not expect the quality of Dickenson or the nuance of Whitman.  Here’s the one I did this morning…
I took a walk through a fairy tale land
where the Disney heroes and beauties went to retire
Peter Pan grew up and started a band
Prince Charming lost the crown and now he fixes flat tires
Snow White, thus, went on to sell detergent
The dwarves all say her marriage is on the rocks
Dopey thinks the situation is quite urgent
Grumpy doesn’t mind, so long as she still cleans his socks. 
They all lost track of Aladdin
Some say he skipped town when the marriage got tough
So Cinderella hangs out with Jasmine–
She took it pretty hard, in fact, she looks pretty rough
King Simba has to pay tribute to Shere Khan
Something about a dispute over water
Arthur rightly rules from the throne he sits on
Guinevere sits next to him – he finally caught her. 

Written by taj

June 6, 2007 at 10:27 am