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Four Weeks In

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Four weeks into fatherhood, I have some observations.  I like fatherhood.  Right now, it’s relatively simple—he doesn’t ask me to borrow the car, and since he cannot reach the sink yet, I have not asked him to do the dishes, so he doesn’t complain a lot.  We feed him, change his diaper, talk to him, soothe him, and let him sleep. 

The complexities crop up in a parent’s effort to sooth their newborn.  Babies cry, you know, and they can cry for a long time.  Their stamina is amazing.

So far, the little one has done all right.  He hasn’t had a crying spell last longer than about 45 minutes, with the one exception of about an hour and a half earlier this week.  I’m told that’s terrific.  What bothers me is the plethora of advice and supposed causes of his restlessness my wife and I have received and heard. 

The last few hundred years have seen advances in pain medication and the treatment of infection.  We’ve wiped out smallpox and turned the common cold into a nuisance. 

You would think, after thousands of years of parents raising children, that someone would have learned a definitive cause and a possible solution to something like colic.  But, alas, colic is still a mystery.  In fact, we have just learned, in the last twenty years or so, that crying really does nothing to help the baby’s lungs develop. 

Just imagine what we’ll learn tomorrow. 


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June 8, 2007 at 9:57 am

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