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What do You Call an Empire?

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Monday night, my local news aired an interview with Mike Jones, the male escort now infamous for his exposure of Ted Haggard.  Though the interview aired a full seven months after the actual incident, Jones has a new book out, which I guess justifies the air time. 

We can debate the merits of Jones’s principles (?) another time, but I wanted to take a minute to dissect one of Jones’s remarks. 

“I simply wanted to expose this man,” Jones says.  “I didn’t want to tear his whole empire down, that was not my intention.”

Why do people think that Christians live under theocratic imperialism?  Every Christian leader with a committee that earns time on television suddenly gains an empire.  I do not remember ever having to pay taxes to Haggard, nor do I remember ever seeing his face on my currency.  I do not bow to his statue upon entering my church and he has never appeared before me in spectral or holographic form to ask me to destroy Luke Skywalker. 

The phraseology baffles me.  Especially when you consider that, upon investigation, New Life Church has seen almost no drop in attendance since Haggard was ousted.  If there is an empire that has crumbled, I would like a look at its pieces please. 

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June 20, 2007 at 1:47 pm

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