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Express yourself, little man

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My wife and I spent some time at a place in town that sells teacher supplies this morning.  Among some of the more varied items she picked up was a little rubber hand with a pointing finger attached to the end of a stick.  I told her I thought it looked like something you use to pick a person’s nose.  You know, like those things you buy at the dollar store that are supposed to scratch your back. 

Anyway, as we wandered the aisles, our little man became fussy.  He was previously fed and changed, and likely just wanted to be held.  And that’s OK.  I took him and walked him around the store as he squalled, and drew lots of polite little smiles from the other women in the store. 

If you want a sure way to strip yourself of your insecurities, walk around a crowded store with a crying baby over your shoulder.  It forces you to confront all kinds of internal self-talk—what are these people thinking?—and the like.  Pretty soon, you just stop caring.  This is my baby and he’s having a fit.  He needs to let the world know how he feels.  He will find more constructive ways of expressing himself when he gets older, but for now, this is all he knows.  Get over it. 

It’s tremendously freeing. 

We’re at my wife’s classroom, getting it ready for the coming school year just four weeks away.  Little man is letting me know he is tired of lying on the blanket and would like someone to come and pick him up.  If I find out what that little finger pointer actually is, I’ll let you know.  For now, I am content to believe it is something teachers use to poke little second graders in the nose when they misbehave.


Written by taj

July 30, 2007 at 7:50 am

Posted in Baby News

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  1. Hey, that reminds me of the time I was holding my (at the time) 8-month-old nephew at Starbucks while my sister ordered her coffee. He put his finger right up my nose. In public and EVERYTHING! I mean, how could he?


    On the other hand, I think the best way to lose all self-respect and concern for what others think of you is to simply lead music at a Young Life club…


    July 30, 2007 at 9:57 am

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