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One Day I will Blog Again

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I like getting something posted at least three times a week, at least for the practice of getting something down on (virtual) paper.  It’s Wednesday, and the two things I’ve planned on posting are languishing awful-writing hell.  One will likely never see the light of day.  The other, however, has to do with my effort to catch up on 24

I saw the inaugural season when it first aired, but missed the others.  Once you miss the first episode, it feels almost fruitless to try and catch up in the middle.  Thanks to DVD, however, I shall summon my inner Bauer.  I’ll try and get my thoughts posted soon. 

In the meantime, Infuze has a promo for season two of Heroes posted.  How does Nathan Petrelli make an appearence when Peter is nowhere to be seen?  The next chapter begins September 24. 


Written by taj

August 22, 2007 at 4:31 pm

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