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I’ve lurked around Triablogue long enough that I figured I ought to just put the link onto the sidebar and move on.  At least now it’ll be three clicks closer to viewing than it was before.  The writers of Triablogue devote themselves to a thorough knowledge of scripture aimed at apologetics.  And while they might not understand the concept of brevity, the material is always worth the read.  Even if some of them are reformed.  😉

Jeffery Overstreet writes movie reviews for Christianity Today (UPDATE – he’s even written a couple of books; I can’t believe I forgot to mention that).  And he has a blog, The Looking Closer Journal, which I just discovered Monday.  Overstreet writes from the perspective that, secular or no, excellence in film reflects the excellence of the Father of creativity.  I value his perspectives, hence, his placement on the distinguished Quadrivium blogroll.

Remember, earning you place on the distinguished Quadrivium blogroll means earning your way into…yeah, there just isn’t anywhere to go with this. 



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August 29, 2007 at 10:18 pm

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  1. Travis said:

    The writers of Triablogue devote themselves to a thorough knowledge of scripture aimed at apologetics. And while they might not understand the concept of brevity, the material is always worth the read.

    I hereby nominate Travis for the “Understatement of the Year Award” for “Excellence in Briefly Pointing Out While Using But A Minimal Number of Words, Statements, and/or Expressions (e.g. Such Clauses Defined As ‘Brief’, ‘Short’, ‘Compact’, and/or ‘Concise’) A Truthful Representation of An Adequate Depiction—That Is To Say, A Realistically Portrayed Actuality That is Both Obvious to Grasp For Laymen As Well As Intuitively Acquired Without Effort For Philosophers and Students of Theology—Of The Illustrious Character of Triabloguers Who, In General (For That Matter, In Particular Too) Have An Incessant Need To Write Sentences That Contain At Least 200 Words Before The First Semi-Colon Is Gained (Said Sentences Also Containing, If They Are Written By Peter Pike, Numerous Parenthetical Remarks That Could Be Better Served As Their Own Paragraphs (Including Even The Galling Nested Parenthetical Remarks, Or The Even More Galling Nested-Nested Parenthetical Remarks (Such As This One)))” because, after all, he has earned it as demonstrated in the above-referenced quotation (we mean the quotation before the nomination for the award, and not the quotation of the reason for the award, obviously), referred to redundantly now just to bloat the word count because this is so much fun and I have nothing better to do with my spare time (other than perhaps to complain that it’s Bush’s fault again; but since when has that gotten me anything?) as justification for why this award should be instantaneously bestowed upon El Travonius Rex in a ceremony fit for a knighting, but without the danger of possible ear amputations (swords, especially the pointy kind, have been known to kill people and we would rather not Van Gough (which can be pronounced as “gouge” if you wish to make this sentence sound funny instead of just annoying) Travis); and furthermore I (said person known as CalvinDude who, in a former life, worked with Travis until said Travis went on vacation and ruined my ability to be able to make fun of him for having not had the most recent vacation, and who will most likely now counter-mock me instead in a pitiful attempt to force me to learn how to “take it” since I could “dish it out”, but frankly that’s nowhere near as appealing to me–and this is also Bush’s fault) should be awarded an award for being the first person ever to use Van Gough as a verb in a sentence AND REALLY MEAN IT!

    By the way, I am available to write laws should any legislatures be in need of a way to hide pork deep inside something no one will ever read…

    Travis said:

    …there just isn’t anywhere to go with this.

    That’s exactly the way I felt after my third word in the above.


    September 1, 2007 at 12:32 am

  2. Hey, thanks so much for the link, Quadrivium. Likewise… it’s good to discover your blog.


    Jeffrey Overstreet

    September 8, 2007 at 6:10 pm

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