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Enjoying Labor Day

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Sick at home and doing my best to enjoy the holiday, I popped in a few DVDs while the wife took the baby to her classroom to catch up on some work.  In between hitting the pause button to go blow my nose, here’s what I eventually finished…

Gothika – A decent little by-the-numbers thriller.  Had a few more cheap scares than I would have liked.  Once we learn who the villain is, everything turns anti-climactic.  The courageous doctor-thrown-into-the-madhouse could have become overly cliché, but the filmmakers stuck to developing the moodiness of the piece and push the metaphor more to the background.  Tension, the suspense of what you can’t see, grabs me more than anything in these movies, and Halle Berry’s escape from the penitentiary was the most exciting sequence for me. 

E.T. – This movie hasn’t aged a bit.  I used to watch it on video cassette all the time and it still engages me in all the right moments.  My parents gifted me with the 20th anniversary DVD as a wedding gift, and this is actually the first time I’ve sat down to enjoy it.  The audio track of John Williams’ live performance felt like listening to a live album, which I usually like.  Yes, I am one of those crazy people that applaud in movie auditoriums, and when the credits rolled, it was great to hear that chorus of applause explode. 

Remember the Titans – Some sports movies work, others just don’t.  This one works.  Very well.  The film is about as useful for learning the true story of the Titans as Hidalgo, but I still like it.  Racial tension in these movies only works for me when you can see actual development take place among the characters.  Unity and tolerance are universal themes and I hate that they’ve become perverted through the actions of the PC police. 


Written by taj

September 3, 2007 at 8:35 pm

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