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If I ever hope to meet my weekly quota for this month (running steady at two, count ‘em, two posts a week), then I better get something posted. 

Back at the beginning of August, Infuze Magazine, the same e-zine liked at the sidebar, put out a call for new writers.  I responded per their instructions, and then sat back to await a reply. 

About three weeks ago, an editor wrote me back and offered me the opportunity to write news and review items for their DVD/Movie section.  And I said yes. 

This is strictly a volunteer position.  The editor to whom I am assigned tells me he’s assembled a large enough team of writers so as to avoid any kind of burnout.  I have spent the last week aggregating a pair of stories for him to post when our section goes live, either the end of this week or next.  That accounts for some of my absence from blogging.  I’ll even get to write some movie reviews here and there as well.  I might even get a byline, but I’m not sure or really too concerned; I’m not doing this so much for the accolades more than I am the experience. 

My editor at Infuze knows I am still learning, and he has been a great encouragement.  As more opportunities to write have developed, I have received the enormous blessing to be placed with people willing to work alongside me and help develop my own voice.  As I have looked over some my attempts at writing reviews here on the blog, I realize that I still have a great deal to learn.  Blogging thrives on loose, casual prose.  Writing for someone else, however, has forced me to step up the effort for more consistent and improved material. 

As soon as some of my stuff is posted, I’ll link to it.  And I will try to get back here for more stuff soon.  Promise. 


Written by taj

September 25, 2007 at 2:24 pm

Posted in General, Writing

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