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The WGA Strike

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Janet Batchler, screenwriter, lecturer, blogger and Christian, lays down a concise beat-for-beat look at the Writers Guild Strike.  It’s an interesting read, particularly for anyone hoping to work in the business some day. 

Conservatives usually fall on the ill-supportive side of things where unions are concerned.  I am woefully ignorant as to why, but the WGA has a legitimate gripe: when I download a film from iTunes, the fellow that composed the score receives a tiny dividend—just like a novelist receives royalties. 

The writer of the film, however, receives nothing. 

There’s a common myth that writers make gobs of money, and it just isn’t so.  Everything I’ve ever read about writing for film and television says that fat paychecks are more the exception than the norm.  If Batchler’s numbers are correct, and the average annual income of a WGA member falls around $37,700, I could make more money as a school teacher.  And we all know how underpaid they are. 

This is something you do out of love for the craft.  A residual from an internet download really isn’t a whole lot to ask. 


Written by taj

November 6, 2007 at 5:45 pm

Posted in Movies, Writing

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  1. Thing to consider the amount of films that are downloaded at this point is not as large as those that are still bought in stores. At lest if we are talking legal downloads. Also as technology grows and changes in 5-10 years they will go through this again with whatever replaces the current fad.


    November 12, 2007 at 12:18 pm

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