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Getting over my outrage

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There’s a place in Through a Screen Darkly where Jeffery Overstreet writes about a reaction he had to reading someone’s poor review of a film he admired, and how he had wanted to jump online and write a biting retort.  The words of an old friend kept his fingers in check (pardon me while I paraphrase):

You’re could be a great film reviewer one day if you can just learn to get over your outrage. 

That’s good advice for writers.  It’s lingered there in my head since I read it three weeks ago, and started making some noise last night while I was trying to write up a review of my own. 

I don’t think this means I need to dismiss my outrage.  Christ was outraged when he drove the money changers out of the temple.  Outrage can serve as a great motivator, but it needs focus.  The same outrage that spurned Arthur Miller to write The Crucible has also driven men to kill. 

There’s plenty over which to feel outraged in this particular film—be it the poor storytelling, or the blatant disrespect it shows for the military in general, and the sacrifice of soldiers in specific.  But my writing needs focus.  I want to write without pretension, and God knows plenty has wormed its way into previous efforts.  When I write, I want to know I am taking part in telling my tiny portion of His great story. 


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November 14, 2007 at 10:19 am

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