Have you come here to play Jesus to the lepers in your head?

Six things that annoy me at Christmas time…

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Complaining that “Xmas” somehow means Christmas without Christ.  Maybe an atheist somewhere was feeling clever one day and posited that particular meaning, but X is the first letter of Christ’s name in Greek.  “Xmas” is just shorthand.  Nothing to get in a twist over. 

Bunt cake in holiday movies.  Whenever bunt cake shows up in a holiday movie, it’s only to allow the opportunity for some stoic character to declare “I hate bundt cake,” thus earning everyone’s scorn.  Nobody cares. 

Quibbling over Christmas trees.  Yes, we borrowed the Christmas tree from a pagan festival years and years ago around the time Christians decided to celebrate Christ’s birth in December, even though the event more than likely took place in the spring.  If we were to really get into this issue, we’d find a number of practices in the Christian church out of sync with biblical historicity.  A messianic rabbi told me once that it wasn’t a Jewish custom back in the day to even celebrate a loved one’s birth.  They celebrated a loved one’s death.  Easter, then, would be the holiday everyone lined up for.  Yet, the very name “Easter” has its own unsavory connections.  It just goes on and on and on…

Songs from The Sound of Music passed off as Christmas carols.  When did “My Favorite Things” become a Christmas carol?  There’s one line of loose relevance in the entire song.  One line!  Next thing you know we’re gonna start singing “Edelweiss” for the 4th of July. 

Last minute shopping.  Every year I vow that I’ll have all my shopping done by August, and every year I’m scrounging around for gift ideas right up to the night before Christmas. It’s embarrassing.  Yes, I am a part of that gargantuan crowd feverishly storming Wal-Mart for their last remaining gift items when all you want to do is buy egg nog.  (Quick tip, the line at the garden center is usually shortest.)

The reminder that I don’t have money.  There are always gifts I would love to get someone that have to remain on the shelf because I simply can’t afford them.  Thus, the gift card becomes a great tool.  And I hate it.  It lacks personality.  In some respects it’s useful; it says, hey, I want you to get something that you enjoy.  On the other hand, it misses the personal statement—the time and thought invested to find a gift that will make a real memory. 


Written by taj

December 21, 2007 at 10:05 am

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  1. Most of the traditions that we celebrate at Christmastime have pagan roots to them. Just like Charles Wesley wrote Christian lyrics to go with popular music (and we do the same), those who were trying to do some evangelism back in the 300s or 400s, felt like they might reach some folks if they kidnapped some of their holidays and gave them a Christian twist. Not such a bad idea really.

    Ralph Johnson

    January 24, 2008 at 6:16 pm

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