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Some Other Story to Tell

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You fake a smile, pretend it’s all okay
You make ‘em laugh; it’s just a game that you play
You gotta summon your courage just to talk to a friend
They say the pain goes away, but it never ends

In the closet is a new pair of shoes
You put ’em on cause you don’t want to feel blue
Run the track and beat the record but there’s no one around
No one to see you when your feet leave the ground

Put on some Dylan, do your work for a while
‘Cause if you let it, it will snatch your smile
Check the clock for a break and spend some time with a friend
Pour out your coffee, it’s bitter again

Sometimes you drive your car and wish that you could just fly away
You laugh when someone tells you there’s no day like today
People tell you you’re special, but you just don’t believe
They ask you to stay, but you want to leave

It makes you mad and you need someone to blame
And then you realize you’re the cause of your pain
Can’t fight the feeling; know the script so well
There’s got to be some other story to tell

Written by taj

January 19, 2008 at 11:37 am

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