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STRIKE ENDING!! – LOST may close season four with 13 episodes!

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So says co-lead writer Carlton Cuse.

That’s five more episodes than the ones they had in the can going into the strike; just three short of the intended 16 episode goal.

According to the link, Cuse says that the writers will wrap up season four’s storylines, condensing some plot details, and will end where originally planned.

Two weeks in, Lost looks primed to overcome the plight of last season’s numerous blunders (Nikki and Palo, Jack in Thailand, and bunnies with little black numbers painted on their sides…sheesh). Last week’s intro of four new characters hit all the right notes. Still keeping my fingers crossed that the showrunners can bring back the magic of the first two seasons.


Written by taj

February 13, 2008 at 12:20 am

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