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I caught the Oscars (but I did not shoot the nominee)

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I watched the Oscars Sunday night for the first time in three years. Of the best picture nominees, I regret to confess I had only seen one, and therefore have cause for neither celebration nor lament.  Although, Ratatouille’s win for best animated feature put a smile on my face. 

A handful of films have made it on my the must-see list after seeing the show, particularly Once, whose entry and deserved win for best song was easily the best musical piece of the night. 

I found it somewhat impudent that soldiers in Baghdad got to introduce the nominees for “best documentary short subject” live just before the feature docs, most of which were anti-troop and/or war.  Opinions on the war not withstanding, juxtaposing the two weakened Oscar’s attempt at civility. 

Perceived insult might run a little low, however, considering the 80th Academy Awards only garnished 32 million viewers—an all-time record low


Written by taj

February 26, 2008 at 1:28 pm

Posted in General, Movies

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