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After six great weeks, “Lost” loses some momentum

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I know a handful of readers here follow Lost, so, here are a handful of thoughts on last night’s episode:  

A few moments piqued some interest, particularly the further revelation that Charles Widmore has more to do with the island than despising Desmond for breaking his daughter’s heart. The “Tempest” station and the whole thing about the nerve gas, however, really could have used some more exposition.

For a show that has recovered a lot of lost ground (no pun intended) in the last several weeks, last night was an unfortunate throwback to some of the same storytelling mistakes that tripped them up last season. A modest plea to the writers: stop trying to create drama by repeatedly resorting to having people receive a blow to the head from the butt of a gun. We can all see it coming. And as for Juliet, well…

When Juliet first appeared last season, her troubled-divorcee-turned-manipulative-thug persona made her at least seem compelling. Her constant double-crossing added some complexity for a little while, but as we learned more about her, she quickly turned tiresome. Now she’s little more than a contrived element in the island love quadrangle that just gets in the way of the story.

My mother-in-law did pull out one observation last night that I hadn’t considered. Juliet’s tangled (and sophomoric) character motivations illustrate the “each one did what was right in his own eyes” philosophy quite well. And we can see how those choices have made her broken and easily manipulated. I just wish the writers could handle it with a little more subtlety and care, and maybe move her character forward with something a bit more substantial than a kiss.


Written by taj

March 7, 2008 at 11:03 am

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