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It’s probably time to let you all know why there haven’t been very many posts lately.  So…

The short of it: A while ago, a friend of mine and I started toying around with the idea of entering one of the screenplay competitions this summer, and we decided to go for it.  I’ve spent the last six weeks hammering out a first draft.

The long of it: Last summer, after a largely uninspiring season of television, we just sort of asked the question to each other, “Well, if we could do a show, what we create?”  We’re both writers, so the dots aren’t that hard to connect.  We started developing characters in July and let the plot grow around them.

We ended up with was an ambitious little idea that, after finishing the draft last week, has started giving me cold sweats.  I’ll write a little more about that as things develop – lots can change between the first and second drafts of a story, and I really want to give this the kind of attention it needs.

All of that to say two things.  One: blogging may be very sporadic over the next several weeks. Lots of reading to do before I start cracking on the second draft.  Two: I’ve added the link to John August’s web site in the sidebar.  John August has written for film (Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and television for years, and is gracious enough to share some tips and techniques, as well as a few of his scripts, via his site.

Now, I have to go and endure an hour of The Bachelor.  More on that later.


Written by taj

March 17, 2008 at 7:11 pm

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